5-6-2019, Charlie Allen has been hospitalized for complications surrounding his recent cancer discovery. At this time his family is asking for prayers and privacy. We will continue to update fans and friends periodically through this website. You can send a personal message to Mr. Allen, just click the button above.

5-7-2019, Charlie has stabilized and will have a biopsy procedure done this morning to determine the type of cancer he has and what the treatment options are going to be.

5-8-2019, Yesterday's biopsy went well and Charlie is making progress and getting his strength back. We should have the biopsy results later tomorrow.

5-9-2019, It is 12:45 pm and we are still waiting on the biopsy results. Charlie is getting stronger and feeling better everyday.

5-9-2019, 6 pm and we found out Charlie has a type of cancer that is treatable. The doctors want to do another test tomorrow to narrow down the type of treatment they want to proceeded with.

5-10-2019, Charlie is making more progress today. Waiting to have the 2nd test today. Once we know more we will post info. Please keep the prayers coming for a full healing and recovery.

5-11-2019, Today the Doctors installed the chemotherapy port and Charlie will start treatment on Monday. Please keep the prayers coming!

5-17-2019, Charlie went home last night and is making great progress. The treatments seems to be working very well. He will receive a treatment every 3 weeks for 6 rounds. Please keep the prayers coming.

6-8-2019, the test show the Charlie had stage 2 lymphoma and they are very optimistic they can fully remove the cancer. Charlie thanks everyone for all the prayers and well wishes.